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... Please Note: Information may not be current, and you may need to verify information on this page. Project Summary Community and Technical Revisions The Community Revisions Section is responsible for ensuring the technical quality of the scientific literature and applying the principles of community responsibility to the assignment of quality criteria to the literature. It is also responsible for establishing policies and procedures for the division and for promoting the involvement of the division's members in the activities of the division. The Community Revisions Section works with division leaders and the Scientific Director to develop the division’s goals and priorities, to establish division policies and procedures, and to promote the division’s educational and research activities. Community Revisions Section Staff The Community Revisions Section has three staff members. Each of the members is assigned to a specific area of work: The Community Revisions Section Staff (see the description below) The Director of the Community Revisions Section, Dr. Thomas A. McGinnis, is the division leader. The division is an internal division, but is part of the NIEHS scientific services group, Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine. Dr. McGinnis serves as a division leader and as a member of the NIEHS Interagency Board on Scientific Integrity, a recently created body charged with investigating allegations of scientific misconduct. Dr. Christine Milliner, is the Community Revisions Section Liaison with the FDA. The Community Revisions Section has an Executive Advisory Board (EAB), which is composed of division members who are selected based on their expertise in specific aspects of the revisions process. Members of the EAB provide expert advice to the director of the Community Revisions Section, Dr. McGinnis, in relation to the section's core missions and functions. The current EAB members are Drs. McGinnis, Milliner and Regis D. Craddock, Dr. Bruce Novak, and Dr. Charles V. Gray. The Community Revisions Section has the mission of: Assisting the members of the scientific community by providing them with accurate, comprehensive, up-to-date, easily understood, and readily available information on the literature in their research areas. The mission includes but is not limited to the following: Ensuring that the environmental health community is aware of and uses the most appropriate and up-to-date references in their research, and Providing assistance to the public and the scientific



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