December 4, 2020

The first week of this time of reflection and giving thanks was hard for me! Starting on Nov. 11, I decided I would hold it until at least December 25th, when I would break the simple life for jazzy foods, a dessert and TV, which for me is some shows other than news and documentaries.

I found not having soy milk in my tea the worst. It allowed thoughts of ‘why do I have to make so many sacrifices’ living with my Daughter (Thank God,) and eating only plain foods with just sea salt, because I want to experience, rather ‘inperience’ my own divinity.

That plain tea in the morning, tasting the herb itself which I had so enjoyed in prior such 2-month regimes seemed the greatest sacrifice, even beyond only news and documentaries.

Then some days I found my person drifting as I drank the plain tea, dazing off into my true self as I looked around after an hour or so of meditation. I began to see the stillness in life and the elements and I began to calm down.

I have experienced the not wanting to stop this simple diet and life style as it allows me to reflect on who I am and what I can accomplish, on what all I can accomplish in this one lifetime. I love those days as it approaches January 10th and I know the time of reform and reflection is complete. That I have done my new yearly readings and delved into their meanings through Oracles to find the substances and common sense I must work on in the new year. Then slowly (in diet) I return to ten months of eating desserts twice weekly and enjoying some frivolous things to give a balance.

Now, some of the sacred moments are returning, now on the 23rd day, my dreams are filled with more light and greater direction and I can hear the voice of God. Now I have had days of hearing the God Mother whispering and encouraging, now I can see my children’s faults, even as adults, as pitfalls caused by seeing the obstacle not fully and I can correct it by going around the issue, and helping them to go around the issue.

Now, the silences I must keep are more genuine for I can see the reasons why.

Now, I can speak to be effective.

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