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Polyandry was one of the main marital forms in ancient Kamit. 


It was soon adopted by many cultures around the world. 


It was created to ensure that every man had a wife: during times of war, building and negotiating in neighboring nations.


Polyandry was used to ensure order!


Many researchers, historians and anthropologists have found the existence of polyandry in the earliest times and throughout  history: now it is celebrated today globally. Polyandric and polygamous marriages should be recognized as cultural indigenous marital forms, but instead they  are called non-monogamous  coparenting or other ethnic terms. 


Reduce Prison Population

The US must now decrease the prison and jail populations by 60%! Pushing Black and Brown people into jails, prisons and mental hospitals or state homes is inhuman: we have to change that now! No longer can we arrest people and jail them for trespassing, for fare evasion, for violence in the home and other minor crimes: we have to make changes that prevent this and we can now!


Equal Benefits

All people on the planet should get equal benefits! We all work at a job, have a position or career, and we all get the same vacation time, access to the vitamins and food we need, the housing we prefer, and the way of traveling we prefer. We all get a good education and access to good holistic medical care, including acupuncture.

Educationally our skills are honed in one craft or art as well as basics and we all speak at least one ancient language culturally suited to us. 


We all get to use planes to visit sick relatives, to travel for vacation, we are credited with all our inventions and our spiritual days are respected whatever our spiritual hub is!

We share this world and our policies respect all.


Public Restrooms/Bathhouses

All U.S. States and Cities need to improve the quality of life for citizens and visitors regarding bathrooms!


NYC’s Bryant Park has one such bathroom, smelling good, it sports toilets that clean themselves. We need gazebos that have a women’s side, a men’s side and just like beaches have bunkers for clothing and communal showers there can be sections for showering or like the bathroom across from the Grand Army Plaza Library, people can shower and the shower cleans itself! 

These are health safeties we need now: all people can benefit, not just those strolling!