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Mothers United Together MUT is dedicated to ensuring that all women know the history and breath of women centered plural marriage. Some authors say, polyandry was, in fact, the first marriage form. Loving husbands wanted to ensure that their wife and children were safe while they were farming, on hunt, or fishing. Later generations, continue organizing families with one wife and many husbands, some of whom traveled or traded with the family business. 


Women Centered Plural Marriage has been practiced since then, all over the world in Africa where it began, in Asia, on islands, and in the United States, in cold climates and in hot climates, and by a diverse number of religions.  

Women in some societies only marry brothers and in other cultures the marriage makes the men brothers so that there will be peace between cultures living miles apart. 


Women Centered Plural Marriage is used to make wealth and protect the children. Protecting, caring for and raising conscious children is the secondary reason for MUT.


In all, Women Centered Plural Marriages' protecting the children is a key reason for the institution. 

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